Unto the Lord

When I knocked on your door

Anticipation was there too

I waited for a sound

As a prayer was holding me through

My voice rang

Awaiting your response

And you picked up my call

But you weren’t ready to fall

So I waited in the hall

As the door shut

I knew it somehow

That my knock was still true

Wholesome and honest

Maybe you heard that too

I knew like oxygen in my lungs

That I would still sing your song

So quiet and simple

I hummed it all day along

Now that the melody is tuned

And the chords are in harmony

Let us write our own lyrics

And fall into this gracefully


I’m proud of you

I’m proud to be part of you

You’ve given me more than I deserve

They only see the man in front of them

But they don’t even know

the half of half of it

You walk through faith’s streets

And run through hope’s avenues

Inspiration is your anthem

Protection is your main frame

Sir, Pops and Dad is your real name

False Freedom

Slavery is still alive today

We see it all the time

Hidden in the shadows

Of the forever seen

Because we share the same bonds

Chained to this world’s attention

Longing to be freed

But freedom with no purpose

Is still slavery dressed in diamonds

Only a counterfeit

“A slave never wishes to be free, only to be the master” – Unknown


Burdens are burning through my ashes

These flames scorch clear into my guilt

A guilt that’s always borrowed

But burdens can be bridges

And bridges build connections

So I let it burn

Because the strongest things

Come out of the fire